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Hardwood Chests

You will find a wide assortment of handcrafted Hardwood Chests at Custom Furniture Woodworking.

Each chest has its own individual wood grain that offers a natural beauty that goes deeper than the surface.

Enduring designs and quality construction from Amish furniture craftsmen are an invitation to enjoy these Hardwood Chests year after year.

Choose a large heirloom chest for your quilts or treasures or a Hope Chest. Smaller Keepsake Chests are perfect for your jewelry or silverware.

Stop by our Store Location or Contact Us with your questions or to request a catalog of these fine Hardwood Chests.

These Amish made Wood Chests are a beautiful accessory to our Hardwood Bedroom Furniture sets. Put a Hardwood Chest in your Dining Room or Office for additional storage space.

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